“Bill Smith is one of the wisest and most insightful men I have had the opportunity to know and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him as a business consultant for my rapidly growing 10 year old business.  As a nurse, my “nurturing” skills are stronger than my business knowledge and HR skills.  As my business grew from 1 to 8 employees, I had many questions about everything and a fear of what I didn’t know about proper business and staffing requirements.  Bill’s calm manner and knowledge of working with staff in a variety of industries has served as an advantage through our growing pains and his recommendations have helped us avoid many staffing and business pitfalls. I would highly recommend Bill Smith for any business consulting and coaching needs.”
Chrissy Thomas, Owner, About Face Skin Care, http://www.aboutfaceskin.com/


“I am a professional photographer and artist. I am really good at conceptualizing, composing the image and finding the decisive moment. However, I, like some artists, have not been so good at time management, organization, business skills and promoting myself.

But that was before I met Bill Smith.

Now, I am selectively marketing, moving in new directions, selling more of my work and increasing my focus. Because too much information can be overwhelming for me, Bill helped me learn how to break down tasks into smaller “bites”. He also counseled me about planning and executing short, middle and long-term goals for my business. Because of Bill’s support and knowledge, I am more confident about promoting myself, selling my work and planning for the future. I see the results.

Bill’s advice and expertise about running a small business is pretty straight forward and so is his delivery. He is thoughtful, creative and takes a real interest in you, the client. I highly recommend William Smith Counseling.                                                                                                          Marilyn Suriani,  www.surianiphoto.com

Response to “Profit” Interview:
“Hello Mr. Smith,

We have a small business in San Diego, and I read your article on maximizing profit with interest.The past few years have been tough. Your points and strategies struck a chord in a moment when I needed some help. I am lucky to have a one of a kind store. I sell coffee mugs, hundreds of them, which are always a great gift for everybody. My team and I were thinking about a way to increase profits without killing business.

After reading your article, especially point #3, “Price to be profitable”, we went around the store and took a good look. There are several items that sell no matter what. They have a great quality and packaging and I just raised the price $1. This little increase will help cover the freight that seems to go higher as the months go by.

You are right. If the product is good and is presented well, it sells. I had to get rid of my fears and caution and hear a third party opinion. We will always provide a good customer service, a key for success. But I also have to remember that I am in business and that more profits=more cash flow used to bring in more products.

Thanks so much for your invaluable input that came at the right time.”
Raffaella Judd, owner of The Mugger


“I really needed to hear what you had to say and I appreciate so much your willingness to think critically and to ask me the hard questions. I am excited to be able to continue forward in a more realistic and centered manner. I look forward to our next meeting.    Aline Talmage

“Thank you for taking time to discuss my business idea. I really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. They helped me clarify my vision and gave me a better idea of what will make this a viable business.”  Michael Hadden

“Your honest dialogue gave me some excellent things to consider.”   Leah Scodras

“I want to thank you for your time and counsel yesterday. I surely have some homework to do, but I want you to know how much I appreciate your insight. Thanks.”  John Deel

“We were very impressed with your attentiveness, information and feedback. Thank you so much! We look forward to future encounters.”  Abigail Lane

“Bill has made our path more clear and given us a direction. I am very grateful”   John Fuller

“We want to thank you for your time meeting with us. We have already started the ball rolling regarding our commitments and action plans.”  Rick Goldstein

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