First, we will have a “conversation” by phone for about 45 minutes so I can discover your current status, your needs, what you consider to be issues for discussion, etc. Based on our phone call, we will decide, together, if we are a good fit, if I can be helpful to you and what the process would look like. There is no charge for this conversation

The charges for my counseling services in person, by phone and/or on line will be based on our initial conversation.

There is no contract. You may stop my services at any time.

Some of my clients like scheduled appointments, between which they work on agreed upon goals or actions. They find they can make more progress with deadlines in place. Other clients may want my opinion or advice on specific issues or directions they are contemplating. They can set appointments on a need-to-know basis.

Every client’s needs are specific to their situation and are treated as such, so my services are structured accordingly.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail (below) or call 770-265-1071.

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